Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Barefoot Artist Has Died

M. F.Husain (Maqbool Fida Husain) died a little over a week ago at age 95. An artist of Indian origin, he was often referred to as the "Picasso of India."

Husain was also known for his eccentricities. Even though his paintings sold for millions of dollars, he had no money in the bank. He wore tailored-made suits, but almost never wearing shoes and socks. (Hence he was also referred to as "The Barefoot Artist.")

Eccentricities aside, Husain was a highly-talented artist leaving a legacy as a painter, printer, film maker and photographer.

In the 1940s, he was a member of a progressive art group who broke away from traditional forms of Indian art movements. Husain developed his own forms of Cubism, Surrealism, and Impressionism.

In the 1970s, Husain created art based on the Hindu deities showing them nude or in sexually suggestive poses. This would prove his undoing some 20 years later.

Although he was among the few artists to gain recognition and accolades in his lifetime, in the 1990s,he was criticized and sued for those works he had done in the 1970s. Given the laws of India, where a lawsuit can be brought for "hurting sentiments of people," he felt he had no choice but to leave his homeland.

Husain died in London having never set his bare feet again on India's soil.

He was a very prolific painter with a long life, below is a small sampling of his works.


  1. never heard of him. I like his work. How sad when artists aren't free to express themselves. JK

  2. I haven't heard of him either. Interesting stuff. His dark skies are so ominous. I really like the dead tree "birds"; I suppose there can be lots of interpretations, but it seems to me it's about the sad state of Earth. sz

  3. I love the new site!!! And, the full collection of edibles. JH

  4. Love, love, love the Magritte-inspired paintings. He was my all time favorite artist. This Barefoot Artist did a great job interpreting Magritte's style as his own. Thanks! Lesliebo