Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's in a Name? a FREE gift - that's what.

After a lot of thought, I've decided to create a new website. Oh, I'll keep the one I have for review by galleries and exhibitions. I'll save that site for original landscape, still life and floral works. No PayPal, no direct sales - just gallery level work.

In the new website, I'll put the note cards, ceramics, and prints, which can be purchased directly online. The question is... what to name the new website? This is where YOU come in. I'd like to retain identity of "r-atencio."

One that I am considering is "r-atencio-annex" but I'd really like your input and imagination to help name the site . If I use your suggested name, you'll receive $20.00 OFF on any art or a set of 6 Note Cards FREE!

Click on "comment" at the bottom of this paragraph and give me your suggestion. Can't think of any? You can still vote on your favorite... and thanks for checking in.


  1. I think that "COLLAGE" is perfect because it exudes the spirit and design of what the site offers and it is artistically descriptive Dee

  2. how about r-atencio-creations. If I remember correctly you were going to use this site for different creations besides your fine art.

  3. light art creations,
    4 seasons creations
    revival art

    Better stop here, have fun!! Love, Laurence

  4. I like r-atencio-annex the best. That's my vote.

  5. I think "Ratencio's Place" would be good. Or, Art By Atencio. Ooooh, that sounds very maud and it just slides off the tongue. Sometimes I amaze myself. Sherryce