Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Norman Garstin: The Irish Impressionist

 It seems that the Impressionist Movement traveled far and wide. Previously, I've posted about the Russian version. Today is about the Irish version as portrayed by Norman Garstin (1847-1946), who was born in County Limerick, Ireland.

Garstin finished college and worked at architecture and engineering for a bit when the travel bug got the best of him and he began his wandering. First, to South Africa where he worked in journalism with Cecil Rhodes. However, his interest in art and learning next took him to Antwerp, Paris, Spain, Morocco and Venice.


He eventually settled himself and his family in Newlyn, England. However, he continued to conduct teaching plein-air to student groups in his favorite European settings.  

Garstin's influences were not only Impressionism and plein-air, but also Japonisme along with many of the other Impressionists such as Van Gogh, Mary Cassatt and Claude Monet.



His reputation was as a stimulating teacher and shrewd critic with an eye for old architecture and historic atmosphere. As an Irishman, he had his share of intense impulsiveness and opinions on many topics, especially war. Now, that's the definition of a true paddy!