Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hagino Noriko: Rare Metal Sculpting


What artist can do with materials often seems like a magic show. That's exactly how I felt when I saw Hagino Noriko's (1949-Japan) works. 


At first glance, I thought that I was looking at blown glass or glazed ceramics. Neither could be further from what material Noriko used. These stunningly beautiful vases were made of metal!



After art school, Noriko apprenticed with a master of Hagiawase. Here's the description of the technique I found online: "A hammering technique whereby metals of different kinds are soldered together to form the body of the vessel. Joining of the metals is achieved by the use of ginro (lit. 'silver wax'), which is silver mixed with traces of brass."


Using the natural colors of the various metals - silver=white, copper=red and an alloy of gold & copper=a red-gold - as examples. Noriko uses the arduous process of hammering, forging and welding her works into the very fluid designs shown here.   

Noriko estimates that each of these unusual flowing metal art objects takes her about 6 months to complete.  They are so beautiful and precisely made that gallery prices are about $20K.

So, when I win the lottery... LOL!