Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I've Been Doing...

Every so often I enjoy sharing with you what I've been doing in art. As you may recall, I had painted six oils on canvas of Greek portals. Well, one more is complete and here it is.

The dusty window appeared to be part of a closed ceramic studio. I thought of the potential that soon this shop would become a lively place for tourists to buy authentic Greek art.

Two more Greek paintings are in progress, but I've had to put the oil paints away for now and begin the items for my Holiday Open House and Studio Sale.

Knowing that folks are trying to find gifts that are unique but not pricey, I found some inexpensive boxes with framed glass lids. I purchased a variety of sizes with windows as small as 2" x 4.5" to the largest at 6.6" x 9".

The plan is to create an original pastel under the glass. Each original pastel will be unique and have a different subject. So far, I've completed a ladybug, tetras, a puffin, begonias, hummingbirds, and a bleeding heart flower. Whew! Here's a few of the completed pastels:

My goal is to finish these small pastels by the end of September The October project is to paint original Xmas ornaments. Stay tuned, boys and girls!


  1. What a lot of detail in the new Greek painting! I really like it with the dustiness (word?) and the latches. I like the new pastels, too, esp. the puffin. Those are my favorite birds. Len

  2. Damn! You really "see" things beautifully. I love the window and the puffin oh and the flowers and and and....Keep up the fine work!
    Hugs, Di

  3. I really love the ceramic window one. That is something I want for my own room. Maybe blue is my comfort color. Great job my friend! Yuki

  4. Hey, great going, I can see you have been one busy person. You should have a very successful Christmas botique with all that good stuff you are doing.

  5. Beautiful work! Connie

  6. Love the work! This new Greek oil is great and the puffin is so dear. Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Mariella