Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Artists Make Dessert Happenings

With the decision that annual art museum dinners were boring, visual artists were invited to turn their creativity to making desserts. There was even an organization founded to foster this not-so-lofty-art concept. The organization was named "Kreemart." (Cream-art?)

The idea was to create performance art into edible desserts. In other words, dessert became the floor show at events such as the annual dinner for the Patrons of the Tate Modern.

The artistic trio known as "Los Carpinteros" created a dessert known as "Brazo Gitano" (Gypsy Arm). It is actually a jelly or cream roll from Spain. However, the artists dressed like butchers. They served the cakes as if the patrons were coming to a butcher shop, including taking a number ticket.

When the patron's number was called, a thin slice of meat...er...cake was cut and handed to the diners on butcher wrap!

At another event, performance artist, Marina Abramovic, had individual fine dark-chocolate molds made of her lips that were then brushed with edible 24-K gold leaf.

As the patrons ate the delicious lips, the gold stuck to their lips - a kind of transfer of design.

Argentine sculptor, Leandro Erlich, created a replica of Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona couch as a cake.Ehrlich created a corner as a psychologist's office - complete with a blatant sketch of a nude woman on the wall just over the chocolate couch.

To show the range of creativity, the highly regarded sculptor, Teresita Fernandez, created a more serious dessert. She copied the 1930s house designed for a single woman by architect, Gregory Ain. However, being a dessert, the plate-glass windows were made of carmelized sugar, the marble floors of almond paste and the dirt under the rooms of brownies.

OK. Put on your creative hat. What would you make if asked by Kreemart?


  1. This would be a lot more fun than all those absolutely boring installation dinners I've attended. I'm trying to think of something creative. I'll get back to you. Thanks, R.


  2. I have an idea: Make the dessert "ala Gallagher." You provide plastic ponchos to all the guests and launch the desserts with a catapult - or you could smash them as he does. J. K.