Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Store is Open... Yeah!

So many people are fans of my "Progressions" series but can't justify buying art in these days of economic insecurity. They are looking at the holidays and those hard-to-shop-for people with no idea as to what to get them. I think I've hit upon something.

What if you could buy practical gifts based on unique art that ranged in price from $10.95 to $32.95? If it sounds like a plan to you, consider these gift ideas:

A tempered glass tray that can be used as a cutting board, a serving tray, a trivet and looks so colorfully decorative in the kitchen.

I've chosen one out of each of the "Progressions" series - Food, Drink & Dessert

How about a hefty 15-0z ceramic mug for hot coffee or hot cocoa with a wraparound design based on "Progressions" from coffee beans to latte? (or cocoa beans to hot chocolate with whipped cream? Yum!)

Then there are ceramic tiles which can serve as coasters or purchased with a lovely wrought iron trivet - which doubles as a wall decoration when not in use.

There are packets of note cards, recipe and book markers - great stocking stuffers! There's even a close-out on cards and a special holiday offering of 10% from each online sale donated to the food bank!

Where is it? It's on my new online store. You can find most of these artful holiday items on the "Boutique" pages. You can go directly at:http://www.r-atencio-annex.com/Gallery/Boutique/boutique.html


  1. Congratulations! I checked it out and I'm ordering two of the mugs. They're really cool. Jen

  2. HOW EXCITING!!!! Crazy week for me but can't wait to check it out! MBS

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!!!!! Di

  4. The "Store" looks good. Connie

  5. the items look lovely and I wish you a very successful season...love Jx

  6. Way cool. Your items look great. Good gift ideas. Sherry:)

  7. your boutique looks wonderful! I am impressed! Jessica

  8. Congratulations!!! How exciting!! JM