Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art at Orsay, Paris

Last week's blog was about the wonderful Musee d' Orsay. I wrote that this week would be about the art. Instead of lots of text and a few examples of the art, here is an art feast for your eyes.

REALISM:(L-R): Amaury-Duval (1808-1885);Ingres,(1780-1867); Courbet,(1819-1877)

IMPRESSIONISM: (L-R):Degas, (1834-1917) ;Morisot, (1841-1895) ; Sisley,(1839-1899)

POST-IMPRESSIONISM: (L-R): Signac, (1863-1935); Cezanne, (1839-1906); Van Gogh, (1853-1890) ;

NATURALISM-SYMBOLISM: (L-R): Mondrian, (1872-1944) ; Homer, (1836-1910) ; Vuillard, (1868-1940)

I'd like to add two of my favorites that I visited each time I went:

Jan Toorop (1858-1928)
Desire and satisfaction , 1893
Pastel on two sheets of beige paper pasted on cardboard
I was drawn to the Art Nouveau style of the Crucifixion

Lucien Levy-Dhurmer (1865-1963)
The Woman with the Mysterious Medallion, 1896
Pastel on Paper
I looked everywhere for a reproduction showing the actual colors, but no luck. Actually, her bonnet is a dark blue and the background is turquoise. I stared at it because of the gorgeous colors and for being one of the most refined portraits I've ever seen in pastel.

Your thoughts on this week's blog?

(Next Week: Decorative Arts at Orsay - beautiful jewelry, furniture and furnishings. PLUS winner of the "Name the Art" contest. Don't miss it! )


  1. I'm new to your blog. It's really done well. Thanks!

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  2. Your insights are always refreshing. So very different from the rest of my day.
    Name for bird: Wind Dancer. Love JH

    1. Thank you, JH. I looked over my subscribers' list and I have more than one JH. Would you please email me so I can give proper credit for the contest ?

    2. OK. The credit goes to "Grandma J."

  3. I'm so envious. I'd love to see it all in person. The woman with the medallion is certainly mysterious. I wonder what the story is. sz

    1. To: SZ Let's go to Paris and view her personally, yes?

    2. I'm ready to go back to Paris. Let's do it!

    3. I liked the blog. A lot. How I would love to go to a nice big gallery like that and be able to spend lots of time. My tiny little bit of time at the Met in NY was so tantalizing.