Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Michal Trpák and The Human Condition

Recently, I came upon a young Czech artist who is creating very original art. His name is Michal Trpák (1982-). His academic credentials are impeccable. He studied under Master sculptors and graduated from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design. His internships were in such far flung parts of the world as Korea, Finland and Canada.

Through all his studies, he has distilled an original style of art works mainly depicting the human form and cultural conditions in a surrealistic manner. This is the first of his works that introduced me to his art:

"Escape into Reality" (2008)

Trpák's sculptural commentaries on the human condition were featured in an exhibit at a civic building in the Czech Republic. "Slightly Uncertain" (2012)

"Stage of Fascination" (2009)

"On the Waves of DNA" (2012)

"Thinkers" (2010)

You can see more of his works at:  Be sure to watch the opening intro. It's fun and worth it!


  1. His work shows him to be an observer of human interaction. He has great depth. Nancy

  2. I love the clever intro on his

  3. Love his work! Leslie

  4. Wow what interesting work - Peter

  5. I love this! Paula