Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Freud's Grandkid...

If you didn't know, there's another noted Freud family member. No, not another psychiatrist, but rather an artist. His name is Lucian Freud and he really is Sigmund Freud's grandson.

Lucian Freud (1922-) was born in Germany, but his folks immigrated to Britain in 1933 when Hitler came to power. By age 17, Lucian was formally studying art. His works were published almost immediately and by age 22, he had an exhibit at the Lefevre Gallery in London.

Up until 1956, Lucian was mainly painting thin coats of paint with high detail. At that time, he switched to painting thick coats (impasto)and a looser style.

Three years later, he mastered the new approach and began painting nudes in a free, energetic style with which he is identified to this day. (see below)

Now, age 86, he still works from morning to night, has three paintings going at the same time, and paints large canvases often measuring 6 feet or more. Must be a lot of vigor in those Freudian genes.


  1. Thanks for the images. It's interesting to see the changes in his style over time. I only knew about his later work. Len

  2. No, I'd never heard of him. You are so right about the "vigor genes". Thanks for another art lesson. SZ

  3. That was interesting. Thanks, Yvonne