Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pacheco and the Andes

Today's blog is about the work of a Bolivian artist who you may not know. Her name? Maria Luisa Pacheco. (1919-1982). Yet, she was an international award-winning artist who also received three consecutive Guggenheim fellowships.

Pacheco studied at the art academy in her hometown of La Paz, Bolivia. After her studies, she worked as an illustrator for a daily newspaper. A scholarship, awarded by the Spanish government, allowed her to continue her studies in Madrid.

Eventually, Pacheco would settle in New York and become an American citizen. However, her best-known art reflected her childhood views of Bolivia. Her most famous and masterful paintings were inspired by the glaciers and peaks of the Andes mountains.

Below are some of Pacheco's abstract paintings of the mountains in all their majesty. (She incorporated wood, sand and cloth into her collages and paintings to add textural relief. )


  1. Love the art! She was quite an artist. Jen

  2. I really like her work. It looks very quilt like to me. SZ

  3. Never heard of her, but man oh man I like her works. John H

  4. Very nice! Thank you, Connie

  5. I just love the drawings. They're very unique.