Monday, August 1, 2011

Haitian Artists: Indomitable Spirits

As the news reported, on January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced a catastrophic earthquake followed by 12 days of aftershocks. Destruction was everywhere including several important art galleries and museums.

Perhaps in other countries the loss of valuable art would be very unfortunate, but for Haitians it adds immeasurably to their misery. Art represents not only an important part of national pride, but also a great deal of income for the country. Indeed. For many Haitians, art is their "economic lifeline."

Within 9 months after the disaster, in spite of spates of hunger and impossible living conditions, Haitian artists' creative spirits were flourishing. They were inspired by their experiences of the earthquake.

Shows and exhibits were arranged throughout the United States. These efforts helped to generate income and donations for Haiti. The display of new art so soon after the earthquake also reflected the indomitable spirit of Haitian people. As the artist Duffaut quoted to The Smithsonian magazine, "Haiti will be back."


  1. The bright colors are in sharp contrast to the scenes of destruction. Excellent work!

  2. Love the pattern and color on the Haitian paintings. Vino and Vango

  3. I recently listened to a CD on tape, Mountains Beyond Mountains, A Man Who Would Cure the World, about Dr. Paul Farmer's establishment in Haiti of free health services. Ultimately, his work expanded to Peru and Russia. Now, his organization, Partners in Health, serves poverty patients worldwide. I love learning about people who've tirelessly have contributed so much to the world against amazing odds. I've more recently finished Splendid Solution, the story of Jonas Salk and the conquest of polio. Fascinating. I love that painting of the woman with her children. MS