Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eve Arnold, Marilyn Monroe and Iconic Images

When photographer Eve Arnold (1912-2012) died at age 99, she left a legacy of iconic images of postwar 20th century. Quoting her obit in the New York Times, Arnold photographed "images of subjects as diverse as Marilyn Monroe and migratory potato pickers." Diverse indeed.

In the golden era of photojournalism reflected by magazines such as LIFE and LOOK, Arnold was a star photographer. Arnold gained the trust of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, and Marlene Dietrich. This sense of trust allowed Arnold to photograph them at their most relaxed.

Ms. Arnold's life was filled with kudos. She wrote several pictorial books of her photographic experiences, received world-wide recognition and even received the OBE (Order of the British Empire).

Below are some of her iconic images. Do you recognize any of them?


  1. I recognize a couple of the photos. What an amazing life she must have had. Lin

  2. "What an amazing photographer! Thank you for bring art & creativity to my life on a regular basis :)"

    1. Thanks, Kate. It's statements like yours that make me want to write the weekly blog.

  3. Awesome! Awesome! Mary I

  4. Just found this blog searching for stuff on the polish rider... Such a wonderful hopefully long term find!