Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thinking 2012...

Have you heard the expression, "Time seems to go faster as you get older?" Yeah, me, too. I could scarcely imagine that 2012 was over and what had I accomplished? What did I learn? How did it go?

BLOG: My first art blog was in April, 2009. Since then, 172 pages have been posted and those pages have been viewed over 94,000 times. According to Google, the top 3 viewed were:
(1) "Magritte: Son of Man" (archive: March, 2012) with 5,450 views,
(2) "Do-Ho Suh: Part 2" (Oct., 2010), 3560 views - although I have a personal preference for "Do-Ho Suh: The Coat" (May, 2010)
 (3) "Monsieur Monet" (June, 2010) with 3151 views.

Interesting that Magritte gained so many viewers in less than one year. I wonder if he's required reading in art classes.

EXHIBITS: "Progressions" was exhibited twice during the year and various individual pieces were included in other shows.

ART: In the "Access: Greek Isles" 4 new pieces were added - there are now 16 in the series.One piece is almost finished and 4 more are in progress. (You can see the finished works at: http://www.r-atencio.com/gallery/landscapes/access_greece.html

For the "Walkers, Waders and Wondrous" (birds) series, I held a contest to name a piece made with ceramic tiles. The winning title chosen by a panel of interested friends was: "Wind Dancer."

A little Parula was completed for a commission. (All of the finished birds can be seen at: http://www.r-atencio.com/gallery/birds/waders.html

I took an art workshop from Rogene Manas on paper clay. From it, I made a delightful cat/bird birthday gift for a friend.

My confidence to work with paper clay on canvas increased with 9 small birds. The sculpting is finished and I'll paint them as soon as they're dry enough. (On the right is a large clay tile of another bird in progress).

ANNEX:  "Atencio Annex" was named to distinguish items made for reproductions of fine art designs. To the mix of glass cutting boards/trays, mugs, recipe markers, and note cards, there are 4 new coaster designs. You can view all on Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/shop/AtencioAnnex

This posting has been a fun exercise. Sometimes I think that I should work faster and create more, but this look back makes me feel that everything is happening just as it should. Try this exercise and you, too, might be happily surprised. Oh, and let me know what you discovered. Happy New Year! R. Atencio


  1. Wow, why does it seem like so long ago? I do remember the highlight - a trip to London. Oh! and a big family reunion. I love your birds - be sure to post when you finish painting them. Jen

  2. Finally got around to finishing some paintings and setting up a show. The last big show I had was at the Schnitzer in 2011 so I need to be more aggressive about showing. Robert C.

  3. You accomplished a lot in one year. But I agree, the time is spinning faster each year. I can't wait to see your nine paper clay birds. That's going to be a fabulous piece! sz

  4. Lesson: Trust my first instincts and stand up for myself immediately. Highlight: Graduated from grad school. Created: Lots of new interests....EP

  5. I loved getting to know you and your work better this year! Yeah R!

    1. Well, I'm a little sad... here I just got to know you better and you left the area. I really do wish you well and that all your dreams, hopes and aspirations come to you this year. R.

  6. Lots of creativity in 2012--more in 2013! Quilts, pots, dahlias. Quilts and dahlias shown and won ribbons. Two quilts hanging in public places, makes me smile when I walk in and see them. I'm now working on creating deep-dish clay bowls to float dahlias next summer in the dahlia show. Two quilts are taking shape on my living room floor. 15 new dahlia tubers are in the mail to plant this spring--big 10-12" beauties. My life is full of color! Lots of creative juices flowing. I'm going to the opening of fabric artists' show this evening--taking my camera. Also, signed up for Yoga starting next week, and five days of quilting classes in Sisters this summer. Lots of juice..... JH

    1. You are really a goin' gal. So delighted to witness your creativity grow and grow. R.

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