Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Hidden World" at the White Lotus" art series

It felt so good to finish this art series of 6 artworks. As I completed each one I sensed a personality for each art piece. So, I named each piece based on the mood it evoked. What titles do these paintings bring to your mind? (This series now available in note/greeting cards, too)


"Emergence" pastel painting seems like the little jar is tentatively peeking out from the shadows. Larger version


"Discretion" pastel reminds me of a secret meeting - like the old film noir where the veil hid the woman's face.Larger version


"Illumination" pastel shows a little yellow box illuminating as the cabinet door opens. Larger version


"Reminiscence" pastel makes me think of the times when two people share the same memory. Larger version


"Passion" pastel art piece with red light casting shadows which turn cool on the blue vase. Larger version


"Quietude" pastel reminds me of the quiet place I would hide as a child. Larger version

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