Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Progressions: Produce (continued..).

Well, dear reader (and art lover), thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm for the "Progressions" triptychs. I was and am so stoked by your participation.

Your suggestions for future "Progressions" have been transferred to my ideas sketch book. For sure, at least a few of your ideas will be in the next group I paint. (To see the previous triptych comments, click on "blog archive," "August," "Art in 3s - Triptychs" and scroll down.)

Your suggestions ranged from chocolate to steam, which got me thinking about subcategories. Thus the title for the fruits and veggies group is now re-named, "Progressions: Produce."

Speaking of produce, here are the next three that I've completed for the December Open House and Studio Sale... banana to bananas on cereal, pomegranate to cosmos, and avocado to guacamole.

Please let me hear from you for more progressions and subcategories. Your responses have made this a really fun and shared experience. Let's keep it going!

1 comment:

  1. How about a Progression: Water. You could do rain, ice, vapor, or just ice... ice cream, ice cubes, well, you get the idea. Marina