Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Three of a Kind - More Triptychs...

I so appreciated all your good ideas after posting the first triptychs for the "Progressions" series. (tomato to Bloody Mary, lime to Margarita, and lemons to lemon meringue pie) Your interest so encouraged me that I've created even more for the Holiday Studio Art Sale.

A tip of the hat to Francis and Chloe, who gave me the idea of apples to apple pie, and to Barb, who suggested cucumbers to a jar of pickles. Keep the comments coming. The collaboration is so much fun!

For now, here are the two suggested "Progressions" plus coconut to coconut cream pie... yum!

One last thing: All of the confusing areas of commenting have been eliminated.
(1) Click on Gray/Blue Area just below that reads, "(number) comments" for comment box.
(2) Scroll down to box, write your suggestion/comment and your first name so I know who wrote.
(3) Click "anonymous" in "Comment as" and then "Post Comment."

It's easy and allows us to share without the worry of spamming. (Sometimes I post a comment back to you using the same method.)After all, you're my peeps.


  1. Hey, RA, thanks for the mention and I love the apple to apple pie. I'll try and think up some more. Chloe

  2. I love the coconut pie progression. Yummy. I'm salivating already and it's only 10:00a.m. Well, who says one must save pie for dinner? What a silly rule.

  3. You are having too much fun!! Love them!

  4. How about from cow to cheese? Yuki