Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wintry Joy !

As you may have guessed, I enjoy flowers very much. Their presence always makes me smile. From the first crocus popping up to announce spring to the late fall when only a few brave flowers continue to bloom, they bring me enjoyment.

Some of my first art works in both watercolor and pastel were flowers. Even my first woodblock prints were... you guessed it...flowers!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to add to my card series, I thought about the the flowers that cheer us through the dark days of winter. Oops! I did say "flowers," which is true but for one exception - holly. I think it's a berry... anyone?)

Here are the new series of pastels. If you would like to own or give a gift of this card series, please check my page on Etsy (Link here) or contact me directly. It's always fun to hear from you. Now, for your pleasure, "Winter Floras." (Click on image to enlarge.)



  1. What a beautiful series! I love them! Joanne

  2. Gorgeous. And it's so darned dark this morning the flowers (and berries) are most welcome. Thanks. SZ

  3. I love them, very georgous! It's nice seeing some of your artwork posted!


  4. Thank you for the nice comments re: my new series. Much appreciated. R-A

  5. Your Christmas florals made me cry. They are so beautiful! You do such good work! Mariella

  6. Your winter cards are beautiful. holly has a flower and a berry - you painted the berry. Kate

  7. Wow!! These are lovely, not everyone can do florals, but you did a great job. I hope your holiday sale goes well.