Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Briefly Speaking...,

Last Thursday I was driving to the post office and listening to NPR. The host was interviewing the authors of a book on 6-word memoirs.

The authors said that allegedly Hemingway was challenged in a bar (where else?) to come up with a 6-word memoir. He responded, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." That's profound, but then again, he was a writer. Less daunting were funny ones from Stephen Colbert and Dave Barry.

The NPR host invited listeners to phone in their 6-word memoir. It was wonderful. Memoirs were serious, funny or poignant. Since I was driving, the only one I can remember to quote is: "Bachelor party, You-Tube video, Wedding canceled."

Now, since this blog is titled Ruminations on Art and Life, I invite you to make up a 6-word memoir.

The only thing I ask is that you post your memoir with your first name on this website. Let's make it interactive and not use email for your brief "gem."

I've written one to get the ball rolling. Click on comments, read mine/others and add your own.


  1. Born small, grew taller, getting shorter.

  2. acted up, acted out, outgrew it. Joanie

  3. first fourth, second second, finally first

  4. When in doubt, bleach it out. Britt

  5. I'll get right on it, tomorrow.

  6. Lost in the wind, never came back.

  7. Sister, student, wife, mother, person, artist. Sally