Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Peep Show

Since Easter is this Sunday, the Peeps will soon be gone. In order to memorialize them for Easter, 2012, this blog honors Peep Art. (click images to enlarge)

"The Peep Show"
"The Village Peeps" by Chris Williams
"The Peepsons"
"Peeping Tom"
"Jiffy Peep"
"Peeptown Cupcakes"
"March of the Peeps" by Nancy Papenfuss
and because this is an art blog, we have "Peepinardo Da Vinci's Studio"
May these bring a smile to your face and have a Happy Easter!


  1. They are really fun. Hard to pick a favorite. Maybe "March of the Peeps." Thanks and Happy Easter to you, too. Jen

  2. Theses are great! What a sense of humor these people have. Punsters all. sz

  3. Thank you and Happy Easter to you too. Fran

  4. Aw, these are cool! Happy Easter!! -Birdie

  5. "what fun pictures. I like the peeping tom through the window." JH