Thursday, June 27, 2013

Defining the Art of Valeri Tsenov

You may have noticed that recent blogs have been more about contemporary artists. This blog is to introduce  Valeri Tsenov (1961-).

Tsenov is a Bulgarian artist who studied painting, illustration, book design and graphics in his native country. His art reflects the influence of his homeland and his art education.

As I thought about Tsenov's work, I was struck with how many ways I could describe his style and his technique. Yes, there are the details of an illustrator and a certain classicism. Yet, his subjects reflect an inner world that at times can be surreal or iconic, mythic or modern, and symbolic or literal. How to define Tsenov?

You be the judge. What do you notice when you look at his works?


  1. Never heard of this artist.It's really nice getting a chance to meet new artists. I like his work, but I can't say why. Bet

  2. My Sister in Law is an illustrator also and some of that I see in this artist's technique is similar to hers. I like the profile of the woman best however, most of what Vicki does and what Valeri Tsenoy don't turn me on. I love that you find these wonderful artists! Luv ya. MAR

  3. I haven't heard of him. In each one I see a lot of houses and other buildings, water, and symbolism which I don't understand. I like the colors. sz

  4. Lovely work. Beautiful and somewhat whimsical. Thank you for sharing, R.

  5. Lovely images, he sees universes within worlds within objects. The possibilities are endless.