Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bernd Weinmayer: Evolving Artist

 Bernd Weinmayer, Geman by birth, was vacationing with his family in Austria after having completed secondary school. As with many who have just graduated from high school, he was contemplating his own future as possibly becoming a gardener. Call it a mother's intuition when she suggested he check out a glass training school about 12 miles away from their vacation home.


Weinmayer met the manager of the glass blowing workshop. This manager took a good deal of time with this curious young man explaining the art. It was then that Weinmayer found his passion. He realized that if he applied himself he could learn about the world of transparent glass in all its complexities. 





Ever interested in learning more, Weinmayer would follow his workshop training with 4 years of technical school and 2 years of craft and design. Here are some of his amazing designs.

 In 2003, he learned about plasma neon techniques which replaced his melting bottles and a couple of them are featured below. Weinmayer is a fine example of the evolution of an artist as new techniques and materials are learned.

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