Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Sophia Prestiagiacomo and Homo Algus




Starting the week with Halloween reminded me of a post from years back that was so popular. It was made by a French artist & sculptor named Sophia Prestiagiacomo. She created a series she titled, "Homo Algus in Habit the Séné Marshes."

Ms. Prestiagiacomo lives near the marshes in Brittany. She enjoyed her walks in the marshes, and as happens with artist, she found inspiration in the algae and mud.

She dried the algae and realized that once dried, it felt like human skin. She began to form swamp creatures mostly out of mud and algae. 

These strange, primordial creatures seem to be lost in time, uncertain of who or what they are. All that they can know is the change of seasons. They exist with the pulse of the tides, shaped by the winds and the sun. From time to time, their creator comes to restore them... for now.


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