Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Senaka Senanayake: Keeping Hope Alive Through Art




 In this time of anticipation that Winter's cold will recede soon and be replaced by riotous colors of blooms and blossoms of Spring, the few brave Daffodils inspire hope. To nourish that sense of future, today's artist is Senaka Senanayake (1951-)



Senanayake was born and raised in Sri Lanka, an island country that has a year-round average temperature conducive to the rain forest, for which it's famous.  

By the time Senanayake was 10 years old, he already had distinguished himself as an artist. He had a one-person show in New York at that age! He would continue his education at Yale before returning to his homeland which is the subject of his paintings.


As with many of the rain forests throughout the world, Senanayake returned to his homeland only to find incursions into the forests. It was then that he made the decision to make the forest and the creatures his primary subject into an effort to make the world aware of what is at stake. 


His paintings have become a beacon of hope, much like thoughts of Spring, as he exhibited his works around the world. Not only has he shown through Europe, Asia, No. America, but also he has been featured in publications and documentaries. It is one artist's efforts to keep awareness and the possibilities for change through capturing nature's beauty.

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