Monday, April 12, 2010

Here I Is... Finally

Kalispera! I finally found an Internet Cafe in Naxos. (A lot of stores won't open until the tourists arrive in late May or early June.) So let's begin because I've been viewing many things with the thought of sharing with you...

FLIGHT: All was right until I arrived at Charles de Gaulle (CDG)in Paris. Talk about security and attitude... plus they won't speak except in French (Intl. Airport!) You don't understand? They just speak louder and gesture more emphatically.

You know how when we had a "shoe bomber" they started making shoe scanning part of the drill? Well, at CDG they've almost taken the "underwear bomber" seriously. All scarves, even little neck kerchiefs and every piece of loose clothing such as suit jackets, cardigan sweaters and so forth must be removed for scanning. I think the next trip through CDG, I'll wear some fancy underwear - just in case they've gone to the logical (illogical) next step!!

ATHENS: Clear and warm with a slight breeze. I didn't spend much time there, but I did take in the view of the Acropolis (I had toured it on a previous trip) and went to the new Archeological Museum. The night photo was from my hotel room. It's a little hard to distinguish, but the area that's ablaze is the view from the balcony of my room and the little sliver on the right is the moon.The other two photos are the view of the Acropolis on the path to the museum and through the window at the museum.

The first paragraph and below are photos I took at the museum of the ancient city. The digs continue under the floor of the museum which has a floor made of material you can walk over and peer down into the ruins. (Yes, the shadow in the second one is me with a big smile - just in case you couldn't tell.)

Having had a university class on the history of the Parthenon Frieze, seeing reproductions up close in the museum really gave the lectures new life. The Parthenon occupies the third floor. The pottery shards and statues have been reconstructed. It's a wonderful museum if the subject is of interest to you. Better yet, everything is labeled in Greek and English. Sorry, no photos allowed.

NAXOS: The next day I took the Blue Ferry from the port of Piraeus to Naxos. After a 5 1/2 hour journey, we arrived in Naxos. Unfortunately, it was night so no photos entering the port. Here's a photo of the Blue Ferry with people, cars, trucks, semis and even an ambulance seemingly belched out of the great beast.

That's it for now - except to thank Barb for letting me know status. Much appreciated!

Let me hear from you. Comment below.

NEXT TIME: Naxos & Friends.

Adio, R.


  1. Hey, you made it! Carol S just told me you got a blog up and running so here I am. Great pictures, thanks. I'd love to see the sights in Athens. All OK here. Can't wait to hear the next episode at the CDG airport.


  2. Nice to see the pictures of blue skies! Glad you're enjoying great sights. I envy you that nice long ferry ride.


  3. and happy birthday, tomorrow. Anxious to hear how you celebrate on Naxos.


  4. Ditto also jh. Is it already tomorrow in Naxos? Looking forward to your next blog.


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  6. Of course had I bothered, just once, to look at the side bar on this blog, I would have noticed the dated entries, but noooo.. I didn't think to do that. I just kept clicking my desktop icon, the one that takes me to this blog, only to still find your last post before leaving. I thought to myself, wow, RA must be having so much fun she has forgotten to update us (I can see you chuckling there)! sigh, I just found these posts, so I'll be reading for awhile. Love the pics, especially the crowds and well, every one of them!
    All is well, esp. now that I have found these updates, but they are making me hungry!
    Starting to read now,