Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's In a Name?

The Greek families are united generationally in an interesting way. A child is not baptized or named until around its first birthday. Before that, it is simply referred as "baby." When they are baptized, their godfather gives them their name at the ritual.

The choice of names for the first two males or femailes is a given. The first two males are named for their father's father and mother's father, respectively. Females are names with the first girl baby for the mother's mother and the second for the father's mother.

Greeks celebrate their name days which coincide with the saint's day over birthdays. This means that grandparents are together with their namesakes.

The night before last I was invited to join in the festivities of St. Elizabet (Elizabeth) day. It was a noisy happy time with lots of food and drink hosted by Maria's sister. All the Elizabets from elderly to little childen were there.

The evening would also mark the beginning of my good-byes. The family responded with their wishes that I come back next year. Were that it were possible!

See you soon, RA


  1. That's confusing. So there are a lot of people with the same name. Any changes in your travel plans?


  2. HI SZ,

    This morning's 9:30 am boat didn't arrive due to a general strike. I'm now on an 6:00 pm boat and there's been a problem checking in from Athens to Paris with Air France. Stay tuned! RA

  3. Darn, I was so hoping you wouldn't run into any glitches like this, but the way travel has been recently I kinda had a bad feeling. Greece has been having a lot of disruptions and demonstrations. Keep the faith, and keep me posted.


  4. As fas as next year, Why not? - Britt

  5. Oh, I try not to be envious, but it has been a dream of mine to go to Greece just to paint. I probably will have to live that trip through you. Glad you are home, glad you had a such a wonderful time.