Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Exciting Video of Art and Suspense

Last week on public television, I watched a very suspenseful documentary. I really was on the edge of my seat. Besides suspense, there was passion, love, art, compassion, joy and sadness. The title of the video was, "Kings of Pastries."

The title may have you wondering if I've gone around the bend. After all, "Kings of Pastries" doesn't sound very emotional and riveting. Believe me, it was.

Let's backup for a little slice of history. Since the 1920s, France has conducted competition known as: "Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" ("MOF") or Best Craftsman in France. There are 180 different professions that hold competitions. France is the only country that gives top honors and national recognition to craftsmanship so outstanding as to earn the title of MOF.

One of the 180 professions included is pastry. The documentary follows one top pastry chef as he prepares for the grueling process of working out designs, making the required creations, and rehearsing enough times to make sure he can perform on time. In the film, he is one among 16 international pastry chefs who are seeking the title and prestige of MOF.

In three days, the chefs have to create lollipops, chocolates, macaroons, wedding cakes, bijou (jewel), sugar sculptures and the list continues. Everything must be kept clean, they must stay within the time allowed, and they must create a coordinated pastry buffet table. Oh, did I mention that all must be tasty, too?

I won't spoil the ending nor tell you of the heartbreaking mishap. I just wanted you to know that in a world where we are told that everything is going downhill and nobody cares about quality... well, striving for MOF defies those beliefs.



  1. Those pastries are so elegant. They are really works of art. Tres Bien! Howard J.

  2. I saw the film. It is really fascinating. I don't think I have what it takes to put myself under so much pressure. Jen