Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Elizabeth Berrien: WIRED!

When we think of fine art, we usually think of art found in the finest museums and galleries. If that's the case, where do our thoughts go when we try to associate art with wire? Topiaries? Jewelry?

Meet Elizabeth Berrien (1950-). She is accepted art master of wire medium and her art is exhibited in major galleries and museums.

Berrien has created a technique that she describes as: "...unique form of non-traditional wire sculpture, a complex hybrid of lace-making and engineering." Rather than write anymore, let her work speak for itself.

(If you'd like to see her process, go to: http://www.wirelady.com/berrienwireprogpage.html)


  1. It's so free flowing. Hard to believe it's wire. Joan

  2. Pretty cool! Erin

  3. very interesting and pretty Dee

  4. This wire work is fabuous. I love it, never saw any kind of work like it before. MAR

  5. I had Elizabeth Berrien's work in my gallery in Ashland years ago. Wonderful stuff. Anna

  6. I really liked the WIRED art,too. Somehow it reminds me of blood vessel, but still looks great.
    At first, I read it WEIRD..... my wrong! Yuki