Saturday, October 26, 2013

Greetings from Spain - Posting #3 and Last

After Granada and now in Barcelona:

 The day before my reservation to the Alhambra in Granada, I went to a lookout point. All of the buildings and gardens that make up the Alhambra were so much bigger than I had anticipated. It took 3 shots with my little camera to include all of it. The viewpoint was also a source of some enterprising Spaniards. A man played guitar and sang while a woman selling castanets did a wonderful job of displaying her ability to hold the rhythm of his songs. It was a pleasure to put something in the hat when they finished.

On the day of my visit to the Alhambra, I took the bus to the place where I was to pick up my ticket. I got turned around and didn´t know which way to head, so I asked a woman - the wrong woman. She handed me a sprig of rosemary and then demanded to see my palm. "uh-oh" came to mind. Of course, my palm indicated a long life, a return to Spain and all sorts of wonderful things for which she them demanded 5 Eu. No small sum. To get rid of her, I gave her 1 Eu, but she was insistent, so I gave her another and told her I needed the rest of my change for the bus. It was clear that I had been caught by one of the gypsy, who are very clever about wheedling money out of the unsuspecting.

When I finally arrived at the Alhambra, the meeting with the gypsy and various other problems with directions found me in a foul mood. However, once I started walking along the tree-lined, cooling pathways with the sound of water as it splashed down the hill, my mood lightened immediately. It was the most beautiful series of gardens, fountains and pools imaginable. I think I should be allowed to live there. That way, I could always be in a pleasant state of mind.

Another wonderful bit was the place where I am staying in Barcelona is only a block from a museum which happens to have a wonderful exhibit of the works of Camille Pisarro - known as the "Father of the Impressionists." There were 67 paintings of his and I took them all in today. Whew! It was an unexpected but thrilling experience since he is a personal favorite of mine.

Two more days in Barcelona and I start my journey home. Sorry for the lack of images. When I sort them all out, I´ll post a few. No worries. It won´t be a case of lots of vacation slides. For the rest, you´ll see them as paintings. Until soon, R.

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