Sunday, October 20, 2013

Greetings from SPAIN!!! Posting No. 2


It was a stroke of luck that I happened upon an Internet Cafe quite by accident. I was heading back to my room when I spotted the word "Internet" on a building.

Here´s what has happened to date:

I completed my time in Cordoba and the absolute highlight was the Cordoba Mosque. I have looked at so many photos of it and I can say that none capture the grandeur and the sheer size of it. I was truly awestruck. (I understand that at the peak of the Muslim time in Cordoba, the Mosque would have 40,000 followers praying there at one time!) It felt as if I was looking at one of the wonders of the world.

The next day, I left Cordoba via train to Seville. Here, the Alcazar was wonderful to view - especially the gardens. Originally, the gardens had been on a lower level and the buildings above, but an earthquake in the 1700s caused the engineers to bring the gardens in the front up to the level of the buildings. However, there is still an entry into what feels like a cave, but is actually what was once the lower level. All that is left to view is a wonderful lap pool. The posting reported that at one time it was open to the sky and was surrounded by trees. (I took photos of it and I´ll try to post soon. I don´t have my camera with me at the moment)

Tomorrow, I move to Granada. As promised, I will try to find a place for internet and include photos. This is all I can report now as I have to pack for my journey. Hasta luego! R.

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