Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Art that Fools the Eye

 This art posting happens to fall on April 1st. I've been thinking about trickery and how many ways artists play tricks on the Eyes.

There are so many techniques! One of the best known is "trompe-l' oeil"; which to deceive the eye. Usually, that's done with murals that look like doorways, windows or a lovely scene. Today, are some interesting and different ones.

One of my personal favorites that generates many opinions, is Edoard Manet's (1832-1883) painting titled:"Bar at the Folies-Bergere." Question: Is that a mirror behind the barmaid or is it another barmaid?

Another artist whose paintings baffle my eye are the works of Chuck Close (1940-). He is a master of the Pointilist Technique. At normal museum standing range, the eyes see a lot of large multi-colored pixels. If you move back across the room, a large portrait appears!

Then there's the 1960s works of the famous op-art artists, Bridget Riley (1931-). Her lines and colors cause the eyes to report on movement and even colors in ways that seem to be in movement!

Not to be outdone by painters, Marc Sijan (1946-) is an amazing hyper-realistic sculptor. This is "The Security Guard." What if you saw him standing guard?

In the area of 3-D works, there Melanie & Justin McKenney of Sarasota, FL. They have a ceramic business called "Vegtabowls." Below is the cantaloupe and they also make an unbelieveably realistic Salsa Set with a tomato bowl and an onion bow. (Their works are available on Etsy).

The effort by artist to deceive the eye and a challenge for them as well as for viewers. Enjoy and April Fool's Day!


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  2. Have you ever been tricked or fooled by art?

  3. Yessss! When we lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, we were members of the Dalí Museum. He did several paintings that fool the eye-the most famous one is a portrait of Lincoln that you can only recognize by standing clear across the museum hall from the painting! ~Debra

    1. Wow! I didn't know Dali did a painting of Lincoln. It might make a wonderful subject for the next year's April 1st post. Thanks, Debra!

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