Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Modern Basketry - Pamela E. Becker

 It seems that basketry has evolved from utilitarian craft made of willow, reeds, leaves and pine needles used for gathering, winnowing, or toting to specifically an art form shown in museums and galleries. It's main purpose being beauty of form and design. 

While many basket makers still use the ancient methods of gathering natural materials, many now weave into their works embellishments such as copper or silk threads, beads, and paper. Many baskets are made as sculptural forms. They don't bring to mind the image of a basket for everyday usage. 

A basket maker who incorporates both the sense of purpose with modern motifs is Pamela E. Becker (?-), Becker uses materials such as waxed linen and rayon threads into a "closed coil" form of basketry. With her background as a potter, she builds her basketry to not only create a surface design, but to also integrate the interior of her works. (Her works below include a peek inside one of her finished piece).


  1. Beautiful! I love when praticle, "every day things" are also wonderful to look at and hold!

    1. Me, too! That's why I often post about crafts that are so amazing they blur the line between crafts and art.