Thursday, May 6, 2021

Dominque Bordenave: Wire Mastery

 Dominque Bordenave (1960-) was born in France and attended Beaux Artes in Paris. In the course of a career as an artist, Bordenave has referred to himself as a "multidisciplinarian." In seems to be a path of experimenting with various media. 

There was a sponsorship by a shoe manufacturer that led to a humorous portrayal of characters made from worn out shoes. (left picture of his recent treatment of shoes using wire mesh)

Then, there was the works done for video game companies. Lately, he has developed a method of working with stainless wire mesh.

Bordenave titles this series, "Void Capture." He describes this series as being "like life forming by the folding of a single membrance." 

To demonstrate his versatility with such a medium as wire mesh, below is a sampling of his ability to create human, animal, lettering and inanimate forms. No doubt, Bordenave has mastery of the medium.

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  1. Beautiful to me. Love looking at the smoothness and detail. Such talent.