Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Theo Andreas Vos & Erte : Art Deco Sculpture

Born to a carpenter in Amsterdam, Theo Andreas Vos (1887-1948) received his art training in his own country and in Paris. His further education was heightened by his time living, working and learning in the great art cities of Europe - London, Paris and Cologne. Going full circle, he then returned to leave permanently in Amsterdam. 

Along the way, he learned the flowing lines and curves of the Art Nouveau period. However, like Erte (1892-1990), Vos was drawn to the essential lines of Art Deco. Both artists created sculptures of women in minimalist movement, but still expressing grace. 

Vos was asked by a German porcelain manufacturer to design figurines. His most captivating ones are of the lute player and the famous dancer/choreographer, Gertrud Leistikow. 

When I first saw his sculptures, my thoughts were that it was Erte's works. The difference is that many of Erte's refer to the costumes as he was a designer; whereas Vos' are strictly about the movement. Here are some of Vos' gracefully animated sculptures. 

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