Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Calvin Nicholls: Magical Paper Art



Just when I thought that the lacy patterns and quilling were tops in what artists can do with paper, cutters and glue, Calvin Nicholls changes my mind!



Nicholls, a native of Canada, began in 1986 to create with white paper and glue. Yet, with this humble materials, his figures and scenes magically become 3-D sculptured art.


The way he stages the light and shadows give his subjects a sense of movement. His works are reminiscent of the Greco-Roman marble alto-reliefs as they reach out beyond limitations of the frame. 


 He uses archival cotton paper in order to avoid yellowing or fading.( He also minimizes his use of glue for that reason.) Other than that, equipment is a blade and some shaping tools plus many hours on a single subject. The time to complete each depends upon his familiarity with the musculature and skeleton of the subject. 

Nicholls is very generous in sharing his techniques. You can find many answers on his site and the YouTube Videos of his methods.

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