Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Yulia Hanansen



Summer is full of prideful celebrations of vegetable gardens, fruiting trees and unendingly stunning flowers. Thinking of an artist who might reflect some of that beauty in their works, Yulia Hanansen came to mind.


While Ms. Hanansen is a member of the university adjunct faculty for her printmaking, she creates in another equally proficient medium - mosaics. 



From her training in stained glass and painting, she expanded her mosaic techniques to build layers of colored stained-glass tiles so as to create depth and a sense of painterly brush strokes.

Along with the unique use of stained-glass, Hanansen also uses 3 different colors of grout and in her own blending technique to complete the mosaic.


She not only accepts commission for wall art even as large as a mural, but also design features such as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash and small projects.


Hanansen's subjects are many, but for this blog I've chosen her flowers, which I consider irresistible. 


(You can see more subjects at her website, see about attending a workshop or check out her instructions on You Tube)

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