Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Ivan Markovic: Humble Paper Scuptures

Art made from paper has always intrigued me. I've featured artists who make outstanding works in quilling, cutouts, pop-ups,origami and now, sculptures. 



A really accomplished paper sculptor is Ivan Markovic (1970-) of Canada. His experiences with art are such that you might not think of him being interested in the subject of street people. After all, by age 15, he traveled to Paris to learn drawing & design. 



After returning to Canada and earning a BA, he moved to Spain and studied at the Prado by making copies of old masters' paintings. From there, it was on to the UK for his MFA and then back to Spain where he continued to make art and teach for some 13 years. About 11 years ago, he returned to Montreal, realizing that his greatest interest was in sculpture. 



The subject that most interested Markovic was the people living on the fringes. There's the old woman being helped by a nun, the buskers, the runaway, the ones with all their possessions on a bike or in a market basket, the companionship of a dog or dogs and the musicians. His collection is very large - even including a moment in time such as someone falling off their bike!

Using principally, paper and glue with copper tubing to hold shapes, Markovic re-creates a world of the downtrodden. Yet, although paper seems like a fragile medium for sculpture, it also has strength - as do the people he depicts.

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