Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Not Zinn, Not Banksy, but Ememem



 It seemed like a good time to post something on a lighter note. I was reminded of all the art fans who enjoy David Zinn and his tiny creatures he chalk paints on public streets where there's potholes and sidewalk cracks.There's another artist in Europe who is similarly inspired.



This artist (or artists) is known as "Ememem." He, she or them are as secretive as Banksy. All that is known about this person(s) is that the home base is in Lyon, France. 


All attempts to interview are thwarted. Yet, the plaster casts of the flacking are exhibited in France and other European galleries. Clearly, someone knows who it (or they) is and has contact.


Unlike Zinn, who is okay drawing a crowd as he works, Ememem patches the holes in the night in secret.




Even the name for the anonymous person(s) is taken from the sound the motor scooter makes as it buzzes along quiet night time streets. It is a discovery for the mornings as people go about their days.






 The works are known as "flacking." Flacking is taken from the French work for "puddle" or "pool." It is the art of repairing holes. It bears a kinship with the Japanese word " kintsugi," the art of repairing while enhancing because Ememem mostly repairs with beautiful tiles and mosaics.

While mainly used to repair sidewalks, the art of flacking is also used for repairing exterior walls and pavement. 

Whoever Ememem might be, one this is for sure - like Zinn, Banksy and others, the world is a little better for making art available to all and making the day a bit brighter. 

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