Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Dunn-Harr and Flowers

 As the song goes, "Spring is busting out all over!" It seemed to be the just-right time to enjoy the unique flower paintings of artist, Vie Dunn Harr (1953-).



Dunn-Harr has been painting and drawing since she was a little girl. In her bio, she mentions at age 10, sitting on the curb and drawing pictures of the neighbors' houses. Clearly, she also had a flair for marketing as well. She sold those drawings to her neighbors for $.75 each!



By age 15, she was taking formal art lessons and at age 19 was exhibiting in a established galleries.. By age 21, she was teaching art and mentoring others.

Her national exposure came when a representative contacted her to show her flowers at art gallery next door to Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. The popularity of her flower paintings spread along with her reputation.


The demands for her works reached a point where the physical costs of painting with oils took a toxic toll on her body that even a hazmat suit couldn't prevent. It was devastating to even think of discontinuing the work she loved. Once again, opportunity, resilience and passion opened the door.



She attended a workshop on acrylic painting from a superb teacher, Joan Fullerton. (She will be a future subject) Dunn-Harr applied herself to this very different paint medium and practiced how to be comfortable enough to exhibit her paintings.


Subsequent trips to Europe appeal to her formal training and are informing her art as she evolves using the beauty, fragility and sensuality of flowers to express what she's feeling. 




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