Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Dusan Malobabic: The Rainy Season



 A little while ago, I looked out my window to see the rain pooling on my neighbor's driveway. It was a silent but constant rain - very common in the Northwestern United States. It reminded me of a blog I wrote a few years ago where I showed how different artists with varying styles portrayed rain. One who received a lot of favorable responses was Dusan Malobabic.

Malobabic, an Australian, is a contemporary artist who draws heavily on the style of the Impressionist with a bit of Cubism added. Using oil, a palette knife and a brush, he paints scenes of his native home, especially the cities. More specifically, his city paintings uses the buildings as backdrops for the people.


His people are anonymous. Malobabic is less concerned with their details as he is how they respond in their bodies to their community and the weather. This gives his paintings a certain personal understanding. Doesn't really matter that it may be a city in Australia. It could be any big city. In that way, the we viewers can relate.


While Malobabic does lovely scenes other than of urban rain, for this blog and the thoughts that led me to choose this particular artist, these are some of his rain depiction. Let me know if you relate to your own experiences of the rainy season.  (Did you find the one that is a tip of the hat to Renoir?)

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