Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Sir Cedric Morris: Permanent Joy of Spring

 Here in the Pacific NW, cold rain continues even though we are deep into April. Yesterday, as I was waiting at a stop light, I looked to my left and I had to smile. There was a large planting of daffodils and pansies with their heads proudly announcing Spring. They were on a mission to bloom and it didn't seem to matter for the cold. How much joy do flowers give us? How often do they inspire artists?


One painter who came to mind is Cedric Morris (1889-1982) He was born into an aristocratic family and held the title of the 9th Baronet; hence the "Sir" in his title. Beyond this nobility, at 17 years,he left his home in Swansea, Wales for Ontario, Canada. He took menial jobs until he felt mature enough to return to the continent and study art in Paris. 


Alas, WW1 interrupted his art studies and he returned to Wales. There, he developed his love of horticulture and worked/painted at Pound Farm. He turned the grounds into a beautiful paradise. The owner was so impressed that when she died, Morris inherited the farm. 


Morris created over 1,000 varieties of flowers - 45 irises are registered! Morris taught and created exuberant paintings of flowers. There's a strong feeling of his joy in the presence of flowers. What a wonderful way to give a sense of permanence to Spring!

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