Wednesday, January 17, 2024

František Kupka: Evolution of an Artist

One of my delights is to find art books with beautiful reproductions of an artist's works. I was in a local used book store when I came upon an artist who was new to me. His name? František Kupka (1871-1957).

The colors and the rhythm of his works were captivating. I wanted to know more about him.


Kupka was born in Bohemia and studied fine arts at the academy in Prague. He continued his studies in Vienna and Paris. During the course of his career, he evolved from the realism of his studies to pure abstraction. (He was a pioneer and co-founder of the abstract art movement.)

Let's move through the evolution of this gifted artist, yes?

"The Book Lover" (1897)

"The Wave" (1902)

"The Cathedral" (1912-13)

"Creation" (1920)

"Two Grays II" (1928)

"Sourire O" (1933)

"Prism" (1947)

Do you have a favorite period of his artistic evolution? Could you say why?

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