Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Édouard Cortès:The Parisian Poet of Painting

Édouard Cortès (1882-1969) was a post-Impressionist painter. Exhibiting just after the Impressionists, the public and art critics were more accepting of this form of painting. After his graduation from the École des Beaux-Artsin Paris, Cortès received recognition at his first exhibition. However, that's not to say that life was  a series of artistic accolades for Cortès.

You see, Cortès' was a pacifist. As with the Impressionist who went to jail or fled for their criticism of the industrial system, Cortès felt the cold grasp of World War I. Even though he was 32 years old and had a family, he was compelled to fight in the infantry. He was injured in battle, but refused the highest French recognition -
Légion d'Honneur.

This man of peace wanted nothing more than to paint the beautiful scenes around him. His most famous and desirable paintings are of Paris. He painted Paris in all seasons. With the exception of the transportation and the fashion, these still show Paris in all its glory. Enjoy this exceptional painter and Paris. (click on image to enlarge)


  1. I never heard of him before. I really like his work! Jen

  2. I came across him a couple of years ago on a tv program. I love his loose style, maybe because it's so difficult for me, with my penchant for focusing on the tiniest detail. sz

  3. I understand, SZ. I grapple with the same issue. R. Atencio

  4. Beautiful! Makes me wanna go to Paris!

  5. What an amazing artist! I'd never heard of him, but immediately related to his subject and his style. Thanks so much for introducing him to me. MAR