Thursday, June 9, 2022

Raymond Wintz: The Light of Brittany

 Raymond Wintz (1884-1956) was one of those "in-between" painters. His style was described as being between what was known as "realism" in those times with a touch of "impressionism." It could've been because that although he was Parisian-born and trained in art, he chose to live in another part of France.




Wintz decided to settle in Brittany. Perhaps it was for the quality of the light. After all, he was known as the "painter of light." Whatever else, the combination of the light and the closeness to the sea from his windows proved very inspiring.




His most famous painting from his time in Brittany is titled, "The Blue Door."


It's still available in prints and there's no wonder. Who wouldn't love to go on vacation to the seashore and open the door of a rented villa to such a scene? Imagine stepping out in the morning with your coffee and croissant to such a view!





With all of his paintings of Brittany, not only do you feel the wind and the sea, but the lives of the Bretons and their distinct Celtic culture having more in common with the Welsh, Irish and Scottish, who have all retained their language into modern times.

Here's more of the people and the land that inspired Wintz to produce some of this most well-known works:

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